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Putian Wheat group | one of Hamburg to join Recommended

Putian Wheat group | one of Hamburg to join Recommended
Putian Wheat group | one of Hamburg to join Recommended
Putian Wheat group | one of Hamburg to join Recommended
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Information Name: Putian Wheat group | one of Hamburg to join Recommended
Update Time: 2015-07-23
Validity: 30
Specifications: No
Quantity: 1
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Putian Wheat group | one of Hamburg to join Michael recommended Fuzhou Restaurant Management Ltd. is located in eight hundred and seventeen Road Group or international, is a professional agent services companies to join the project. The company has rich experience of the agent resources and join Hamburg to join our staff always uphold sincere service, customer-oriented service purposes, fully ready for the majority of the needs of the whole country's population with the most opportunities to join Hamburg. We welcome the intention of the perennial customers to consult contact telephone number, contact Lee. Michael catering management brand is the birthplace of Fuzhou, mainly engaged in Hamburg to join the service, is a free training within five years of technology are the characteristics of Agent Enterprise, is uniquely positioned to provide training to join a different basis for different franchisees the way. The company is mainly engaged in the Hamburg joined by the majority of customer support and trust in the Fujian province range. Hamburg joined class service, the service good burger join, Wheat group how, Wheat-based organization, Nanping Big Mac-based parameters for reference only, the actual subject. Value-added services: free training and technical support in Hamburg to join the brand: Wheat-based services for period: 1-30 day service standard: promote integrity, customer first payment: now end; Bank Transfer Price: Negotiable Services: Number of franchisees plan to join Hamburg : 100 Clients: Demand groups expected rate of return: 40% Brand origin: Fuzhou service areas: national reservation: the dial; to store appointments billing: billing on the project, joined the company in Hamburg, joined the company in Hamburg, Hamburg Affiliate program there is more information you provide catering management Michael Kane Hamburg to join the brand is derived from Fuzhou. It is primarily through franchises provide a good income, a large hamburger market demand to join the project as a group, is expected to return an interest rate of 40, the service period is six months. Hamburg joined the main area is to develop the country, with the intention of friends please pay attention. The number of plans to join the Hamburg investment is 100, limited joining places, please come quickly CONTACT, do not miss this opportunity. Hotline 9 Michael Burger restaurant management proxy franchisees to join the plan to increase the number of 100, our business hours are Monday through Sunday, customers can make an appointment with us in this time period, contact details, telephone appointment by appointment; to Store appointment. Michael joined Hamburg main business catering management services. We adhere to the people-oriented business philosophy: "strict requirements, re-quality, the operating principle of high efficiency; responsible for the professional, dedicated, sincere, innovative guiding spirit; earned for the demand group, the company won the honor we invite you to join us. We are willing to work with you hand in hand, the Board development, and create a win-win Address: eight hundred and seventeen Road Group or international, joined Hotline: 9 welcome new and old customers to join reliable Hamburg, Hamburg joined Which is good , where the group has a Big Mac, Fuzhou Hamburg to join, Quanzhou Wheat group www.chinafzmk.com
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